Easy Homegrown Deliciousness

So many of us love the idea of having a green thumb, but don't know where to start. We know we ain't bringing that patch of dirt back to life... Until now...

The Leaf'd Box Education Kit makes it easy to grow and enjoy homegrown deliciousness.

Plant & Play

You pick when you want to start your garden, we take care of the rest. We deliver fresh, healthy, live plants and seeds to your doorstep at just the right time. Just plant & play!

Green Gloves Delivered

No green thumbs needed! We send you custom lessons that match what you're growing, at just the right times, to take you from a novice to a gardening pro. For those of us who wish we had green thumbs, it’s like having a pair of green gloves-- delivered.

As Seen In

The Starter Kit

3 Seed Kit (300 + seeds)

10 x Ready to Grow Plants

10 Weeks of Fun Activities

Custom Video Lessons

Tailored Online Learning Portal

Fast, Fresh Live Plant Delivery

10 Action Packed Weeks
To Becoming a Pro

How to Prep

How to Grow

How to Enjoy

Works with Pots

Great for Planters

Awesome in Back Yards

Select a kit

Choose the garden learning kit that works best for you.

Green Thumb Included! It's never been easier or more fun to grow and enjoy your own delicious food!

Seed Kit


Root Seed Kit

Guided Lessons

Area Needed: Small Planter
(size of a cookie sheet +)

Starter Kit


10 Plants + Seed Kit

10 Week Curriculum

Area Needed: 4x8’
(twin bed size area)

Most Popular

Expansion Kit


30 Plants + Seed Kit

10 Week Curriculum

Area Needed: 8x8’
(king bed size area)

Best Value

"I'm amazed by how neat and organized everything is. I love having an herb and veggie garden, and Leaf'd gave me a mail-order garden with lovely veggies and herbs I can put right in the ground! 10 out of 10!"
- Meg

"Makes gardening easier, I feel taken care of with hand holding throughout my gardening process"
- Jo

"I love cooking with produce that I grow! It makes me feel happy with my accomplishments and it helps get my daughter outside in the garden more often."
- Joseph

Unlock New Learning

Tired of the same routine? The Leaf'd Box Education Kit makes it easy to break out of the weekly rut, and get into the great outdoors. Starting a garden can be scary. That's why we give you everything you need to get growing right. It's like a Master Class brought to life!

We've coupled amazing, fast growing plant varieties with a custom curriculum that guides you each step of the way. Just choose when you'd like to start your garden, and we'll take care of the rest.

Custom video lessons are delivered to your inbox at the perfect times, and always accessible on your online learning portal. It's never been easier to enjoy homegrown deliciousness...

Weeks of Fun

The point of gardening isn't to do more work. Who would want that? That's why we've done all back end heavy lifting for you. By blending custom lessons delivered to your inbox with our FAST growing, freshly delivered varieties, you'll grow into a gardening pro in a matter of weeks (your first cooking lesson is at 5 weeks to be exact)!

The best part is you don't just see your results, you taste them! As your garden matures, we'll show you how to unleash your inner garden pro and impress your friends and family with some truly delicious recipes. The best part? They're made with your own fresh and delicious homegrown herbs and veggies! It can't get more local than that!

New Healthy Habits

If you have kids, you'd better watch out! Your kiddos will go from hating their broccoli, to raiding your garden to eat all your tasty produce when you're not looking. You'll go from bribing your kids to eat their veggies, to trying to get them to hold off picking their tomatoes before they're vine ready delicious.

And speaking of delicious, you've never tasted freshness until it goes from the plant, direct to your savoring taste buds. The most delicious tomato truly is the one you grow yourself!

So what are you waiting for? Get off your phone and get into the garden to start some new, delicious, amazing habits that will bless you and your family like you never knew was possible...


What if I don't know how to garden?

Fear not! We’ve developed the education kit just for you. So long as you have soil, sun, and water, you’re good to go! We give you everything you need for a flourishing gardening experience, including the plants, seeds, and a step by step guided process designed to make your gardening journey as fun and easy as possible!

When will I receive my box?

That's up to you! We know everyones’ schedules are different, so we give you the option to choose the semester that works best for your family. We’ll send you info right away on how to get your home ready for your plant babies to arrive. Then, we'll let you know when we're ready to ship your plants and deliver them to you for the semester you chose during checkout.

Our semesters start in the following months:

EARLY SPRING- March - April

SPRING- April - May

SUMMER- June - July

FALL- August.

If you’re wanting to get started in the early spring or fall, just make sure that there’s not normally snow or frost in your area during the 10 week growing curriculum. Let’s just say your plant babies would prefer a vacation on the beaches of Hawaii instead of the skiing slopes of the Rocky Mountains :)

Can I pick which plants you send me?

We've done thousands of trials at our test farm to find truly amazing varieties! These varieties grow super fast (for example, the tomato has tomatoes ready to pick 1-2 months faster than almost any other tomato out there!). We've planned the whole curriculum around the timing of when these varieties produce. Since everything is so custom and specifically developed to work with the curriculum we've developed, we unfortunately can't offer substitutions.

What kinds of varieties will you send me?

Oh man, this is one of our favorite parts! We're sending some really amazing varieties including:

- Superfast Tomatoes

- Towering Basil

- Sweet Squash

- Candy Cane Peppers (don't worry, they just look like candy canes!)

- Compact Cucumbers

- Brilliant Beets

- Snapping Spinach

- Roaring Radish

What do I need to have?

We send you everything you need to get started on your gardening journey. You'll need somewhere to plant and water your new plant family, and that's it!

Our plants aren't like your mother-in-law; they'll be happy wherever they can get some sun! Planter boxes, pots, tower gardens, even the ground itself are great homes for your new plant family.

Plants need food (which is soil or a hydroponic system for those fancy folk out there), light (the sun), and water to thrive. As long as you have that, you're good to go! We'll guide you and your family every step of the way from there-- no green thumb required!

When will I see results?

We'll be teaching great values along the way, such as patience and perseverance. But let's be honest-- kids generally aren’t the most patient. Because of this, we've specifically selected SUPER FAST GROWING varieties.

You'll be harvesting and cooking your radish within a month and everything else will be coming in weekly thereafter. Even your tomatoes should be ready before the end of month 2 (twice as fast as many tomatoes you’d find in your home garden store!). By the end of the 10 weeks, you will have grown, harvested, cooked, and enjoyed all the different varieties we've sent you while learning amazing tools along the way!

What age range is this designed for? And how much work is this?

The education kit is great for anyone that is young at heart who wants a fun, experiential gardening experience.

For kids, the curriculum can be self directed by older elementary kids, but younger kids could use some adult supervision.

The hardest part is making sure you have some tasty ol' dirt for your new plant family to enjoy. From there, we'll guide you every step of the way, starting with the cutest little plant babies you've ever seen delivered right to your door!

How do you ship my plants to make sure they arrive in good condition?

We ship thousands of plants each quarter to families across the country. We've made a proprietary packaging solution that makes sure your plants are delivered fast and fresh. The plants are packaged in eco-friendly recyclable trays that hold in the root moisture while keeping your plants safe and secure. We ship out your plants the same day they're packed and make sure that they'll arrive at your door within a few days of shipping, no matter where you are in the USA!