Fall/Winter plant shipping starts SEPTEMBER 2ND in Florida!

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How It Works

1. Pick your garden.
2. Grow your plants.
3. Enjoy your harvest. 

Our gardens come delivered with 30 plants and with the experience of your choosing. We offer two different experiences, Basic & Advanced, Advanced having more included gardening tools and guides.

Leaf'd is happy to partner with Charter Schools and various school systems to supply education kits to those with grant funds.

If you have questions about starting on this gardening experience, email us for advice to help your future gardener have an amazing learning experience!

Easiest Garden Ever

With years of experience in our back pocket we choose what will grow the best, quickest, healthiest and yield the most harvest for you and your family to enjoy!

We plant each seed by hand in an organic Leeremos mix that is perfect not only for the garden, but also for hydroponic systems. We grow them until they are the perfect size and age for transplant.

Our Mission

We’re on a mission to make it fun, easy and accessible for those new to the gardening world. Our Leaf’d Box team is here to answer questions or concerns you may have during your garden journey.

With our online eduation course, you'll have access to the comminity page which lets you interact with other Leaf'd studens around the world. So what are you waiting for, start your healthiest and fun year ever by joining the Leaf'd Box family now.

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  • How many plants do I get?

    With each shipment there are 10 plants for the herb subscription, 10 plants for the small veggie garden subscription, 30 plants for the veggie garden subscription, and 60 plants for the large veggie garden subscription.
  • Are your plugs organic?

    Our plugs are grown in a natural, organic substrate and are grown using organic materials.
  • What else do you send me?

    Each shipment comes with a Zine (a mini magazine) and periodic tips and tricks to help you throughout the growing season.
  • How do my plants ship?

    The plants are packaged in eco-friendly recyclable trays that hold in the root moisture while keeping your plants safe and secure.
  • What else do you recommend?

    We recommend you order fertilizer to make sure your plants grow big and strong, and a natural pest control spray to keep bugs and disease away.
  • How often do I get my Leaf'd Box?

    You will receive four shipments per year-- early Spring, Spring, Summer, and Fall. Each box will contain varieties that are optimized for that season.