Our Team

Robert Campana

Founder and CEO

Robert has worked his entire career in the vegetable seed industry. In 2010 he joined the startup team at PanDia Seeds, an international vegetable seed company. There, he gained not only a love for plants but also the amazing things that can happen when you plant the right variety, in the right place, at the right time. After seeing the ways that PanDia was helping farmers around the world become more productive, he decided it was time to take this same knowledge to his backyard. The idea of Leaf'd Box was born, and the rest is history!

Ashley Clow

Project Manager

Ashley is super smart, loves the environment, and is eager to make the world a better place. From before we even started, Ashley has been busy helping sort through all the details that make Leaf'd Box the best there is. She found our organic root enhancers, the best substrates, planted thousands of variety trials taking statistical data to help make sure we make the best variety selections. Ashley does the heavy lifting so you don't have to!  

Chris Meugniot

Creative Director

As you might imagine, farmers normally aren't all that into social media. Chris is on the team to capture what we're doing and make sure the world knows about it. Quite the outdoors-man himself, he knows how to capture nature at its best. We are happy to be able to share his eye and appreciation of the outdoors in the homes of many though Leaf'd Box. 

Thomas Campana

Marketing Genius

Thomas has done marketing work for major brands that you'd know in a flash. We really believe in what we're doing-- getting you your easiest garden ever-- which is why we want as many people to experience this as possible. So Thomas's job is key. Lucky for us, he's a marketing genius, so we're set!

Julie Devine

Communications Lead

Julie has been in the communications industry for her whole career and is passionate about helping people grow, learn, and love Leaf'd! If you have questions about Leaf'd, she has answers for you. She loves getting people involved with the mission of our company, and is excited to share the joy of gardening with the world. 

Franco Campana

CSG (Chief Seed Guru)

Franco has worked in agriculture since the early 80's and is one of the driving forces behind what vegetables you eat today, having been a leader the seed industry in the United States for decades. Do you remember back in the day when the watermelons you'd buy would be massive-- weighing over 20 lbs? If not, you're younger than he is! He shifted the market from jumbo watermelons to the personal watermelons that you'll find today because, let's be honest, who can eat 20 lbs worth of watermelon?! Getting the right variety planted at the right time of the year is key to making your garden successful. He's the seed guru that makes the magic happen!