How often will I receive my subscription delivery? 

You will receive up to four shipments per year-- early spring, spring, summer, and fall, depending on your hardiness zone. Each box will contain varieties that are optimized for that season. As a result, the delivery schedule will vary based off of where you live, in order to provide you with the most in-season plants for your location. For example, California shipments are scheduled for February, April, June, and September.

How many plants are in my shipment? 

We have something for every size space! Our Small Veggie & Herb Subscriptions contains 10 plants per box, our Medium Veggie Garden Subscription contains 30 plants per box, and our Large Veggie Garden Subscription contains 60 plants per box.

How many different plant types are in my shipment? 

Our Small Veggie & Herb Subscriptions typically contains 4-6 different plant types per box, our Veggie Garden Subscription typically contains 8-12 different plant types per box, and our Large Veggie Garden Subscription typically contains 10-18 different plant types per box. Having a great selection is key not only to maintaining a healthy and balanced garden, but a healthy and balanced diet as well. 

Can I pick which plants you send me? 

We cannot accommodate custom boxes at this time, but we can promise to deliver a beautiful variety of in-season plants for your garden. Our expert Seed Gurus work hard to maximize the amount of produce that your garden will give you by giving you the right type and variety at the right time of the year. It's important that you grow the right things at the right times-- you wouldn't want to grow a summer squash in the winter! We love hearing your feedback! If there is a plant you would LOVE to receive in your box, please click here to give us your suggestion!  

What kind of varieties will you send me? 

This is our favorite part! We have done tons of market research to find out what varieties grow best based on time of year and location. Additionally, we have spent time digging into what people really love to eat (and which of those can be easily grown), and then tailor our boxes based off of this information and your feedback. 

In the herb subscriptions, you can expect to see plant types such as cilantro, dill, basil, parsley, thyme, chives, etc. In the veggie subscriptions, the boxes can include plant types such as tomato, lettuce, arugula, jalapenos, bell peppers, broccoli/ broccolini, basil, cilantro, bunching onion/ chives, cabbage, artichoke, beans, peas... The veggie XL box additionally includes larger plant types such as melon, watermelon, vine (winter) squash... you get the idea. We're here to make your garden fun, delicious, and as easy as possible.  

What else do I need to do to care for my plants? 

Leaf’d box was created to help you have the #EasiestGardenEver! Once you receive your box, you can get started with planting! You'll need to water, take care of those pesky pests, and pick the produce before your kids eat it all! Each shipment comes with a Zine (a mini magazine) that explains all the basics of what you need to know to have success. We also send out periodic tips and tricks to help you throughout the growing season. Here's a page that can help you get started before you receive your first box. We can’t wait to see your garden flourish!

When should I see results? 

We get a head-start for you and cut out 4-12 weeks of growing by sending you plantlings instead of seed. It typically takes about 4-8 more weeks until most items start producing edible fruit, so you should be able to harvest your produce around 1-2 months after you receive your box. We'll keep sending you the right items, at the right time, so you'll have new, delicious vegetables available to be harvested right when the previous ones are being finished. 

What else comes with my shipment to help me get started? 

Each shipment comes with a quick start card that tells you about your plants, and a Leaf'd sticker! We also send out periodic tips and tricks to help you throughout the growing season via email.  Additionally, we are always available for questions. You can contact us via our website, on social media, or by email at info@leafdbox.com. 

What other products do you recommend to help my garden flourish? 

To help your garden flourish at its full potential, we recommend adding some plant food for extra nourishment. Additionally, having pest control to keep away bugs and disease is always a good idea!

Where is the best place to plant my seedlings? 

The herb subscription is perfect for those with a smaller outdoor space or an indoor-only space. The veggie subscriptions are perfect for outdoor gardens. Our customers have chosen to plant in all types of gardens- from planter boxes, to pots, to tower gardens, to right in the dirt! Check out our Getting Started page for some inspiration and tips on where to plant and how to prepare. 

Who is Leaf'd Box for? 

Everyone! We're on a mission to make growing your own food simple enough that everyone can do it! We believe in eating fresh and setting up future generations to make smart food choices. If you have the space in your home or yard for a garden, and have time to water and take care of your plants, then this is for you! #EasiestGardenEver 

How do you ship my plants to make sure they arrive in good condition? 

We've designed a proprietary packaging solution that makes sure your plants are delivered fast and fresh. The plants are packaged in eco-friendly recyclable trays that hold in the root moisture while keeping your plants safe and secure. We ship out your plants the same day they're packed and make sure that they'll arrive at your door within two days of shipping, no matter where you are in the USA!

Are your plugs Organic? 

We grow organically in professional greenhouses. We use an amazing, proprietary natural and organic substrate and only ever use organic pest control. We love that our customers are so passionate about the quality of their food! 

What do you use to grow my plants? 

Leaf'd Box plants are grown in a proprietary, organic substrate that was purposefully developed to allow for fast growing roots, optimal moisture retention, and great shipping ability. It's like soil, but better! The substrate is a mix of natural and organic peat (moss), coir (coconut fiber), a natural foaming binder agent, and probiotics. They are pH balanced, antimicrobial, and are perfect for giving your plants a jump start as they grow into your garden.  

How big are the plants I will receive?  

We give your plants the growing head start they need to ensure they are strong enough to ship and then thrive in your garden. They're the perfect size to make sure we're not shipping extra dirt and materials (to minimize our carbon footprint), while also being big enough that they are healthy and can grow into full size plants quickly (saving a month or more compared to if you were to plant seeds). The actual size varies depending on the type, but plants and roots are typically around 4-6" in total length and have been growing in our plant houses for around 4-8 weeks.  

How much work is this

Gardening takes a bit of work, but it gives you the best reward- fresh, homegrown, delicious food! You will need to make sure that your plants have water and check for any insects that are trying to get to your veggies before you do.

Can I skip a shipment? 

We plan out a whole year's worth of growing for your garden and ship based off of the season. We'll let you know in advance when your box is scheduled to ship. If you would like to skip a shipment, please let us know at least one week before your scheduled ship date. You can contact us through our website, on social media, or by emailing info@leafdbox.com.  

How much does a subscription cost and how often am I charged? 

Our organic plantlings start at just $3/ plant-- cheaper than most home garden stores!

We're based on an annual production plan, which means, we plan for what you can grow and when you can grow it, making sure you maximize what your garden can produce for you. We offer quarterly and annual prepaid options.

All subscriptions ship four times per year- Early Spring, Spring, Summer, and Fall.

  • The Herb Kits- Starting at $4.50/ Plant
  • Small Veggie Kits- Starting at $4.50/ Plant
  • Medium & Large Veggie Kits- Starting at $3.00/ Plant


How much is shipping? 

We ship our boxes the same day they are packaged to ensure maximum freshness! Our goal is to make sure your plants are delivered within two days of them being packaged.

Annual prepaid subscriptions include free shipping! For other kits, the total shipping cost will appear at checkout and will be based off of the package size and your location.  

Where do you ship? 

We ship the education kits, one time plant kits, and subscripiton boxes to the  continental United States. We cannot ship to Alaska or Hawaii at this time. We hope to one day expand so everyone can be a part of the #EasiestGardenEver!

We currently base our schedules off of your states average hardiness zone. If you live in a microclimate, we're happy to adjust your schedule as is best for you. Just let us know. Our IT team is working on implementing this automatically based on your ship code in the future. 

What about agricultural compliance? 

The state and federal agricultural agencies do a great job making sure American agriculture is world leading and cutting edge! However, that does make it tricky to ship plants. Each state has its own laws and regulations, and generally speaking, it is really tricky to ship to different states.

But don't fear! Our team members have been shipping and exporting plants and seeds for their whole careers- we're experts at it! And we do everything the proper way, without going under the table (because who really wants under the table plants???). We have all sorts of permits and compliance agreements to make sure the plants we're shipping you are safe, healthy, and great for not only you, but also for your local agriculture industry.

If you want us to start shipping to your state, be sure to sign up for our contact list here, and we will reach out when we are able to ship to your area!


How can I cancel my subscription? 


Subscriptions never have sign up or cancellation fees and can be cancelled at any time. The easiest way to cancel your subscription is to email our team at info@leafdbox.com. We will take care of cancelling your subscription and will help answer your questions!

If you ordered an annual plan and would like to cancel before all boxes ship, the amount refunded will be the amount paid minus the normal retail value and its shipping cost for any boxes that have been shipped. Please see our Terms for more detail on our return policy. 

Our team is always available to help you with subscription questions. We're happy to help change your address, skip a shipment, modify which subscription you're on, or cancel your subscription. Please visit the Contact Us page to submit your question or request. You can also reach us via social media or by emailing info@leafdbox.com. 

Can I give a Leaf’d Box Subscription as a gift? 

Yes, of course! Leaf’d Box makes an amazing, sustainable gift for any garden lover (or want-to-be garden lover). To send a subscription as a gift, head to this page and select the option you'd like to gift. Or email us for help!

How can I sign up? 

We are so excited for you to join us and start your garden! To sign up, simply select the subscription you would like to purchase here.