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After School Gardening Enrichment Program

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Fostering Flourishing Fun™

Elevate your after school program with our gardening workshops, designed to captivate and educate students from diverse backgrounds. 

The weekly enrichment program offers a unique opportunity for students to engage in hands-on learning while exploring the fascinating world of hydroponic gardening.

By integrating STEM principles and environmental education, the program aligns with district academic goals while fostering curiosity and critical thinking skills.

Empowering Learning Experiences

Students not only watch their plants thrive in hydroponic garden towers but also delve into interdisciplinary topics such as biology, environmental science, and nutrition. By participating in the planting, growing, and harvesting process, students develop a deeper appreciation for food systems and sustainability—an essential aspect of 21st-century education.


Program Details

  • Inclusive- Adapted to different grade levels, ensuring equitable participation of all students (TK-K, 1-2, 3-5, Middle & High School)
  • Accessible- Requires minimal space and can be implemented indoors or outdoors, making it accessible to students across districts and seasons. 
  • Demonstrated Impact- Garden curriculum with strong experiential learning basis have been shown to improve health, scientific aptitude, and self-esteem  (Frontiers in Psychology Study, Inner City Youth Gardening & Nutrition, Youth Development).
  • Simple- Leaf'd Gardening Pro's facilitate the workshop and provide everything needed: hydroponic tower garden, plants, seeds, and activity supplies.

  • Comprehensive- A fun hands on curriculum with activities covering biology, environmental science, nutrition, and more!
  • Safe- All Gardening Pro’s are background checked, and general liability insurance is provided.

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"The Leaf'd education kits are amazing! I wasn’t expecting all the educational videos that went along with it. Our garden is growing and as a beginner gardener the kids and I have had fun with the process and watching our garden grow."

- Tasha H, Sky Mountain Charter School

“Growing with Leaf’d has been very fun! I enjoyed learning about planting and what steps I need to take to ensure that my plants are happy and healthy. I would definitely recommend their education curriculum to my friends.”

- Sophie M, Gorman Learning Center

“It’s a great investment in nurturing my daughter’s body, mind, and spirit. Highly recommend”

- Franchesca, Student’s Mother

“I signed up for Leaf'd after many failed attempts of starting plants from seeds on my own. My garden is THRIVING now! The customer service has been amazing with any and all questions I've had, and their follow up is great. I can't wait for my harvest next season!”

- Amber, New Gardener

Discovering Planlings

Our Program

Explore the flexibility and affordability of our hydroponic enrichment program with our convenient 10-workshop bundles. We require 2 back to back lessons at each site, with no limit to the number of sites. Each workshop is delivered over 10 weeks, ensuring optimal student engagement and continuity in learning throughout the gardening journey. With pricing options tailored to meet the needs of diverse budgets and school sizes, our program offers an effective solution for schools looking to enhance their after-school offerings with innovative, hands-on learning experiences. Contact us today to learn more about our pricing options and scheduling flexibility.

Example Schedule
10 Workshop Bundle

Site 1
Site 2
Site 3
Site 4
Site 5
Workshop 1Workshop 3Workshop 5Workshop 7
Workshop 9
Workshop 2Workshop 4
Workshop 6Workshop 8
Workshop 10

Ready to Get Started?

Take the next step toward enriching after school programs and empowering students with the Leaf'd Box. Contact us today to learn more about pricing options, scheduling flexibility, and customization opportunities. Together, let's cultivate a brighter future through innovative, hands-on learning experiences.

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