Now we get to finally plant our seeds! There's a few steps involved in this process. We broke it down for you so your garden is setup for success! 

Let's Plant Our Seeds!

    Gather your seed packets to begin planting! If you are planting in small pots, plant each herb type in different pots if you have the space; Basil in one pot, mint in one pot, etc. This is because some herbs will grow larger and faster than other herbs, and you will want to eliminate crowding. However, you can plant your herbs all in one larger pot or a raised bed if you are intentional about trimming and pruning your herbs.Certain herbs can take over an entire garden (like mint) if you let it grow without proper maintenance. 
    Draw a line in the soil with your finger. Depth and spacing will depend on each different herb type, which you can determine by looking at the information listed on your seed packets. After you have planted your seeds, cover them with soil. Next, water your seed garden! Watering your seeds is critical after they have been planted in the ground. Remember: watering your seeds daily is necessary to promote growth and help the herb sprouts thrive. 

Spacing Guide


Seed Depth: 1/4 inch

Spacing: 12-24 inches


Seed Depth: Keep on surface

Spacing: 6-10 inches


Seed Depth: 1/4 inch

Spacing: 18-24 inch


Seed Depth: 1/4 inch

Spacing: 18-24 inches


Seed Depth: Keep on surface

Spacing: 80-90 inches


Seed Depth: 1/4 inch

Spacing: 70-90 inches


    Remember to water your seeds thoroughly after you have planted them into the soil. You will need to water your seeds at least once a day until the sprouts become established plants. Watering when your seeds are beginning to sprout is really important because the plants are in a fragile state. Once plants become 4-5 inches tall, you may want to reduce your daily watering schedule. Place your finger into the soil of your garden, if the soil is damp, you do not need to water that day. If the soil is dry, water your garden thoroughly. 

Hope you enjoyed learning how to plant your seeds. Jump into the next lesson to learn about watering.
Happy gardening :)

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