Every garden is unique, and so is it’s watering schedule! Watering your garden can be tricky, but it doesn’t always have to be as hard as you think. There are some tips and tricks to keeping your watering schedule stress free and easy to manage.


Water is a core part of gardening, and there are a variety of ways to set up your gardening system! Below are some products we recommend for watering systems:

Drip Irrigation

For consistent watering and peace of mind.

Watering Can

An essential tool for any new gardener.

Water Hose

For a garden bed that is further away from your home.

Having an irrigation system setup with timers is a great way to always know your garden is being watered. If you prefer to be in the garden more often and hand water, setting a reminder on your phone or planner is helpful to remember to water outside.

Watering Tips

    When you are first planting your garden, you will want to water your seeds at least once a day. The seeds and sprouts are in a fragile state that require lots of water to germinate. Continue to water daily until your plants become established, around 4-5 inches tall. Once the plants become established, you may need to reduce your watering to 4-5 times a week depending on your climate. Using a water meter is a great way to determine how much water your garden needs.

Water Meter

Keep track of your garden's moisture. A great tool for beginning gardeners.


    The weather in your area will affect the way you water your garden. If you live in a dry area or you are experiencing a heat wave, it is important to water your garden more often. However if you live in a wet climate where it rains often, you will not need to water your garden as frequently. Touching your soil to detect if it is damp is a good way of knowing if your garden needs to be watered. If your soil is dry to the touch, it is time to water. If your soil is damp, you do not need to water that day.