It’s time to set up your garden! Deciding where to put your plants is crucial to the success of your garden and we want to help you figure out the best place to put your new herbs.

Growing Inside or Outside?

  • The most important part of growing indoors is sunlight. Find a windowsill that gets sun for most of the day and can hold the weight of your planters. When planting in pots, it is essential that there are holes at the bottom to allow the soil to drain out excess water. We recommend drainage plates under your planters to avoid water damage from your planters draining indoors. These plates will catch the water that drips through the draining holes underneath your planters. 
  • If planting outdoors, it’s good to be aware of your gardening space. Herbs like mint can overgrow to completely take over a raised garden bed. Make sure that if you are planting all of your herbs in one bed that you are routinely maintenancing them to keep them at a desired size. Growing outside allows plants to have more access to sunlight, but they can be more susceptible to pests or weather related issues. 

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