Decorating your planter pots is a great way to spruce up your garden and let your creativity shine through. 

Let's paint our pots!

  • Materials Needed:
    - Flower pots
    - Paint
    - Paint pens (optional)
    - Paintbrushes
    - Sealer
  • When painting pots, we recommend using something that isn’t porus to avoid the paint contaminating your soil. A plastic or ceramic pot is best for this activity. To begin planting your pots, first make sure they are nice and clean. Lay down cardboard or protection to keep your area safe from spills. Hand paint or spray paint your pots the color of your choice. Try to avoid painting the inside or your pot as much as possible, since you don't want the paint to seep into your soil. Then, use a paint pen to draw finer details after the base layer is dry. Once you are finished decorating your pot, use a sealer to keep the paint intact and waterproof. 

Move onto the next step and learn how to plant your seeds! Happy gardening :)

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