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You're not the only one who thinks what your growing is delicious. Insects, bacteria, mildew, and other things also enjoy eating up your produce if given the chance. That's why it's important to keep an eye on what you are growing so you can help fend off these pests. 

To do that, we've listed some products below that we've found to work really well. Here is an article that helps explain pest control and why it's important. There are products available out there that are for specific uses (for example, insecticides to combat insects, but not mildew). We like the more generic use ones, since that way, you just need one product to keep most potential pests at bay. 

Another great option if you don't want to use a spray, is to build a physical barrier around your plants using hoops and a mesh fabric. You can also use landscape staples to hold the mesh down (though it's important that it has a good seal so the critters won't be able to crawl underneath the fabric to get to your delicious plants. Having a mesh barrier helps prevent insects and birds from attacking your plants. 

Our key is providing you with great plants at the perfect time of the year. We're not a retail business who sells products that others make (such as the products below). But we do know what products work really well with our varieties. 

Because of this, we recommend the products on our site, and we link directly to Amazon so you can buy them direct from the product suppliers. As an Amazon Associate we earn a small commission from qualifying purchases. We hope this makes it really easy for you to enjoy some great products that complement our plants really well!

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