Small Veggie Garden

We love our small veggie selection for the Fall Box! These varieties are diverse for all different types of recipes. From salads, roasted veggies, or delicious salsa, these plants will provide you with great additions to your kitchen. We have never- before - sent plants for the 2023 Summer and can't wait to see you harvest them! These plant types thrive in the sun, and can last for a whole growing season with proper maintenance.

The Plants



Plant to Harvest: 30-60 days
Space Needed: 16-24 inches


Yard Long

Plant to Harvest: 35-70 days
Space Needed: 12-16 inches

Spaghetti Squash

Kandy Korn Plus

Plant to harvest: 55-70 days
Space Needed: 24-36

Sugar Snap Pea

Sugar Daddy

Plant to Harvest: 20-30 days
Space Needed: 12-16 inches


Toma Verde

Plant to harvest: 40-60 days
Space Needed: 24-36 inches

Bok Choi


Plant to harvest: 50-65 days
Space Needed: 24-36 inches


Plant to harvest: 40-60 days
Space it needs: 16-24 inches

Brussel Sprouts

Plant to harvest: 40-55 days
Space it needs: 16-24 inches


Plant to harvest: 40-55 days
Space it needs: 16-24 inches

Helpful Tips & Fun Recipes