Small Veggie Garden

We love our small veggie selection for the Fall Box! These varieties are diverse for all different types of recipes. From salads, roasted veggies, or delicious salsa, these plants will provide you with great additions to your kitchen. These plant types thrive in the sun, and can last for a whole growing season with proper maintenance.

The Plants


Plant to Harvest: 85-100 days
Space Needed: 48+ inches

Helpful tip:

Artichokes take a long time to mature, and are absolutely delicious. Once artichoke plants are fully grown, they are very large plants. Artichoke plants need nearly a 4 foot radius spacing. If space is a concern, plant your artichoke next to your lettuce and kale. Lettuce and kale will grow and be harvested before the artichoke reaches full maturity. This will leave space for the artichoke to grow out and wide. It will reach maturity and be ready to harvest in February/ March. 

Lettuce - Black Seeded Simpson

Plant to Harvest: 40-55 days
Space Needed: 16-24 inches

Helpful tip:

This variety likes full sun, cooler temperatures, and plenty of water. It is a perfect variety for the Fall and Winter for its growing pattern. Harvest from the outside in to prevent bolting, and harvest a third of the plant at a time.  

Lettuce - Multicolored Freckles

Plant to harvest: 40-55 days
Space Needed: 16-24

Helpful tip:

Freckled Lettuce is easy to grow and delicious to eat! If it arrives with red dots on the leaves, it is supposed to be that way! The height at maturity is anywhere from 6-10” and it enjoys cooler temperatures. Plant it in full sun and make sure to water frequently. 


Plant to Harvest: 50-90 days
Space Needed: 16-24 inches

Helpful tip:

There are lots of different factors at play when it comes to the full maturity of your cabbage. The cabbage variety, the weather it grew up in, etc. So, a cabbage could be ready for harvest and look pretty small or it can be huge and ready to harvest. The way to tell is to grab the head and squeeze, if it’s solid, it’s ready to harvest! If you give it a good squeeze and you feel your fingers go in a good amount, wait another few days.


Plant to harvest: 40-80 days
Space Needed: 16-24 inches

Helpful tip:

Cauliflower and broccoli are similar. They need lots of water to grow well and can handle cooler weather. The cauliflower will grow to its largest size and be ready to harvest but be smaller than the cauliflower you usually see at the grocery store. The main things to look for when harvesting are compact bulbs. As soon as you see separation in the bulbs it's time to harvest, no matter what size the cauliflower head is! The smaller size can be caused by many different things: not enough water, not enough sun, pests stunting it's growth, it wasn't hardened properly, the weather being too cold at night and so on! Just keep an eye at the bulbs and make sure to harvest as soon as you see the separation come.

Sugar Snap Pea

Plant to harvest: 30-60 days
Space Needed: 12-16 inches

Helpful tip:

Our Sugar Daddy Peas are a kid favorite! With a crisp crunch and a sweet taste, these peas will be your family’s favorite garden-to-table snack this Fall season. Peas should be just about ready for harvest 3 weeks after the flowers appear. After those 3 weeks, pick and taste each day until they are just right. Once you taste what you like, harvest and enjoy!


Plant to harvest: 40-6 days
Space it needs: 16-24 inches

Helpful tip:

When growing cherry tomatoes, pick off the suckers! Look for where the branches meet the stalk (forming that angular V shape). Take off the small suckers at these meeting points and at the bottom of your plant to use more of its energy to make fruit. Trellis your cherry tomatoes once they reach 6-8 inches of height to support the weight of the fruit on the branches.

Helpful Tips & Fun Recipes