Herb Garden

We love our herb selection for the Summer Box! These varieties are diverse for all different types of recipes. From drinks, garnishes, pastas, or teas, these plants will provide you with great additions to your kitchen. These plant types thrive in the sun, and can last for a whole growing season with proper maintenance.

Remember: To prevent shock, do not pick more than ⅓ of the plant when harvesting.

The Plants


Plant to Harvest: 30 days
Space Needed: 12-16 inches

Helpful tip:

Harvest ⅓ of the mature basil plant each month to encourage new plant growth.In extreme heat, basil will want to bolt. Prevent bolting by watering regularly and providing light shade on peak hours of heat during the day. Trim flowering stems one inch below the flower to avoid bolting and basil turning bitter.


Plant to Harvest: 30-40 days
Space Needed: 10-12 inches

Helpful tip:

Oregano thrives in full sun and loves warm weather. If you are growing in a pot indoors, plant near a sunny window. Remember to plant in pots with drainage holes at the bottom.


Plant to Harvest: 30 days
Space Needed: 12-16 inches

Helpful tip:

This basil is basically three basil varieties in one! Its multicolored leaves add a pop of color to your garden and is a fun way to switch it up. This will taste relatively similar to typical basil. Basil can be grown indoors or outdoors as long as it has sunlight, well drained soil, and water.


Plant to Harvest: 15-20 days
Space Needed:: 12-16 inches

Helpful tip:

Cress grows fast and can be harvested very early on. Add cress to your soups and salads for a fresh burst of flavor. 


Plant to Harvest: 30-50 days
Space Needed 12-16 inches

Helpful tip:

Once your marjoram is 3 feet tall, you can begin to harvest it. If the plant is harvested when it's blooms are completely open, they will have a bitter taste. For sweeter leaves, harvest it earler. Marjoram has a sweet pine and citrus flavor and is very similar to oregano.


Plant to Harvest: 40-50 days
Space Needed: 6-8 inches

Helpful tip:

You can harvest your parsley as it grows, as long as you harvest from the outside to the inside. Parsley is great for garnishing and adding great flavor to your recipes.

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