Pruning Plants

Pruning your plants is a great way to have a healthier garden and a better harvest. Having an overgrown garden can attract diseases and ruin the performance of that plant. Here’s what you need to know so you that you can have a happy garden.

  1. The reason we prune plants is to optimize their performance. Plants like tomatoes grow a lot in the first month. With a lot of extra leaves it becomes harder for the plant to take in the sunlight, water and fertilizer.
  2. To start, you want to trim the bottom leaves first get the low hanging leaves off the ground. As the plant keeps growing you’ll continually maintain the bottom leaves and work your way to the middle of the plant if needed. Always use sharp shears.
  3. When this process is done, your plants will have an increased flow of air and water to their roots. Which in turn will help grow better produce and will also cut down on the amount of mold your plants will have.