Leaf'd Box Education Kit - Lesson 1.1

Lesson 1.1

Welcome to the Leaf’d Box Education Kit! Over the next few weeks, we’ll be discovering how to plant, water, and harvest homegrown deliciousness! Today, we’ll be prepping our garden area and getting our plant babies ready for their new home!

 We’ll start with a process called “hardening”. Hardening helps your little plantlings get ready to be planted in your garden. First, open up your box and set your plants upright. Then, fill your box with ⅛” to ¼” of water. Finally, put your plant babies in a safe spot where they can sit for a day or two and get used to their new surroundings. 

 To help your plant babies grow and thrive, it’s important that the soil is full of nutrients! So today, let’s make some plant food. It’s super easy! First, grab some bananas and chop them up into pea-sized pieces. Take your banana out into the garden and mix it into your soil. As the banana breaks down, it will release nutrients for your plant babies to soak up and enjoy!

Great job on day one of this exciting plant adventure! 

Garden Prep
Lesson 1.1.1 - Plant Hardening
Lesson 1.1.2 - Plant Food
Lesson 1.1.3 - Soil Prep