Click here to find out what hardiness zone you're in! This will be helpful to know, especially if you're in a location with extreme weather conditions.

Hardiness Zones

  • What are hardiness zones?
    Every garden is different. Hardiness zones (also called growing zones) are locations in the United States divided by climate that are used to determine where and when plants will grow best. There are 13 hardiness zones in the USA used as guidelines for gardening. These zones change depending on snow, humidity, sun, and more!
  • Why are they important?
    Understanding hardiness zones helps gardeners to know what plants will be successful in the weather they will experience in each season. For example, someone gardening in North Dakota during the Winter will be growing different plants outdoors than someone gardening in California. This is because gardening outdoors during Winter in colder climates will inhibit seeds from germinating and herbs from reaching their full potential. 
  • When to start planting:
    If you are planting your herbs indoors, hardiness zones will not be as important to know. As long as it is warm enough and your seeds are getting sunlight, your herbs should be able to grow successfully. However, if you are growing herbs outdoors, you will need to check your hardiness zone and determine when it’s best to start planting your seeds.

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