Week 6, Lesson 1 

Let’s compost together! Composting is a great garden practice because it helps create important nutrients for your garden’s plants! Composting is also a great way to practice recycling. When you compost you take things that might normally get thrown away (like food scraps or coffee grounds) and instead add them to a compost pile to be reused!


  • Gather together things like cardboard, newspaper, leaves/grass, and food scraps and add them to a compost pile or compost bin! Be sure to keep your compost wet and warm! The combination of water, heat, and bacteria from the scraps will break down your compost and be yummy food for your garden. Rotate your compost once a week.

    DO COMPOST: Food scraps, leaves, grass clippings, eggshells, popsicle sticks, shredded paper.
    DO NOT COMPOST: Meat, dairy, animal waste, diseased plants, glossy paper.

    Worms for your compost: Adding Red Wiggler worms will help speed up the composting process, but they are not necessary for a successful compost bin. Once the compost is dark brown and crumbles in your hand like soil, it’s ready to go into the garden. Looking for a composting machine to make things easy, HERE you’ll find a few which we like. Now let's dive in and learn all about the wonderful habit of composting!

    And get excited-- we're going to be harvesting our spinach today and have two delicious recipes for you to choose from. Let's jump in!

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