Week 5, Lesson 1 

Let’s take a look at how far our plants have come! Isn’t it amazing? Our plants started as tiny seeds and cute little plantlings, and now they might be producing tiny flowers that will become delicious veggies! Don’t worry if your garden doesn’t look like you want it to right now, gardening isn’t about perfection--it’s about progress!


  • Remember that banana fertilizer we made before we put the plantlings in the ground? By week 5, it is a good idea to put some extra nutrients back into your soil again! Cut up a banana or add fertilizer/comost to your soil and mic it in gently to give your plants an extra boost!


  • Each plant you have in your your garden will be a different size because each plant grows at a different pace! It is fun to see how much your plants have grown within the last 5 weeks. Grab a tape measure or a ruler, and get your garden journal. It's time to head outside!Take out your tape measurer or ruler. Set the end of it on the ground of the soil and measure how tall your plant is. Write down in your journal how tall each of your plants are. You can even measure the thickness of the stem of your plants, and some of their leaves.
  • Basil: Your basil plants will be big enough for you to harvest a few leaves. Do not harvest more than 1/3 of the plant, or else it can go into shock and stop growing.
    Radish: Your radishes will be ready to harvest within 25 days, but if you wanted them to get bigger, week 6 is a great time to harvest them.

    Your spinach sprouts will be getting bigger, and your tomato, cucumber, and squash plants might even be growing flowers by now—how exciting!

    You can also consider adding some professionally made, slow release fertilizer. Want some recommendations? Click the button for some recommendations.

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