Week 4, Lesson 1 

This week, we are learning about weeds and pests. Weeds are not good to have in your garden, even though they are plants. This is because weeds take water and nutrients from the soil that should belong to your garden plants. We want your vegetable and herb plants to have as much nutrients as possible so that they can grow nice and strong! Weeds tend to grow and reproduce quickly and aggressively, and as they grow they hurt our garden by taking in nutrients from the sun, water, and food that your plantlings and seeds really need!


  • Head to your garden and go on a weed hunt! Look around your garden and pull out any weeds that you find growing around our plants! Be sure to try and pull the entire weed out—roots and all! It’s important to pull the roots of the weeds because it they are left in the soil, they will continue to grow back quickly. Remember, be careful not to pull out your plantlings or the plants that you grew from seeds.

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