Week 3, Lesson 1 

Hello students! We are officially on week 3 of our gardening course, and we are so proud of you for all that you have learned so far! Today, we’re exploring the different sizes and shapes of our plant leaves.


  • Grab some paper and something to draw with (pen, colored pencils, etc) and go outside into your garden and take a look at your plants. What do you see? Through time, the leaves of each plant have adapted to become perfectly suited to help that plant grow. Take a look at each type of leaf and describe what you see! How are the leaves different? How are they similar?

    Draw your favorite leaves on your plants on your piece of paper and write down why it is your favorite leaf. What do you like about it? What makes it unique?

     Some leaves are delicious to harvest and eat, like basil! You can start harvesting basil when the plant has been in your garden for about 4 weeks. Some leaves on your plants are not for eating— like squash! Squash leaves are fuzzy and prickly because it helps protect the plant from pests. It’s not very enjoyable to eat a prickly leaf, even if you are a squirrel or deer!

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