Week 2, Lesson 1 

Today, we’re learning all about how important it is to water your plantlings and seeds! Water helps all the nutrients in the soil travel up through the stem and into the rest of your plants! Your plants need just the right amount of water--not too little and not too much. To check when it is time to water your plants, stick your finger in the soil of your garden near the root of your plants. If the soil is damp, you’re good--there’s no need to water your plants today. If the soil is dry, give your plants a good drink of H2O!


  • When watering your garden, take your environment and climate into consideration. Everybody’s garden will be different because not every person has the exact same soil, garden, bed, or weather. We recommend watering your garden one inch of water per week. However, if you live in a dry climate or are experiencing hot weather, you will need to water your plants one and a half to two inches of water every week. Wet climates with high humidity or more frequent rain will need less water than a desert climate. If you have already experienced one inch of rain that week, be weary of overwatering your plants with additional water.

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