Week 1, Lesson 2 

Hello students! Are you ready to finally plant your plants? Before we put the plantlings in the soil we are going to create labels so that you know what and where you have planted. In this lesson, we are going to create labels to organize your garden. When you create lables for your garden, you will know what kind of plants you are growing so that you can remember what and where everything is.


  • Creating labels is especially helpful when you are planting seeds. Seeds are more difficult to tell apart, which is where our awesome labels come in! You can create labels by using popcycle sticks, painting rocks, and more. Gather popcycle sticks ( or whatever else you are using to create your labels) and begin painting. Use a paint that is nontoxic and waterproof so that your masterpiece is not washed away when you water your plants. You will need to create a label for each different plant type that came in your kit.

    Labels you need to make:


    After you have made your labels, it’s time to plant. You can find the spacing information on your plantling container and on the back of your seed packets


  • It's officially time! Take a look at your plants. What do you notice? They’re different sizes, and have different shaped and colored leaves! Each plant is special in it’s own way, and will require different space to grow comfortably. We recommend you lay out your plants before you put them in the ground to plan out your garden layout. There are certain plants in this kit that you can grow in pots if you desire. Basil, peppers, and tomatoes will work well in pots if you want to use your garden bed for your bigger plants like squash. Every plant in your kit will thrive in a garden bed if that is where you want to plant. However you want to organize your garden is up to you! As long as your plants have the proper space, they will be happy!
  • Next, let’s plant them! You’ll want to dig a hole just a little deeper than the dirt and roots of your plant, then you’ll pop your plantling in the hole, and finally fill in dirt around the roots and pat to help tuck them in. Now that your labels are made, let’s measure out space in the garden for each plant. Lay out your plantlings in your garden so you can make sure each has enough room before you plant! Once that’s done, now you can plant! Dig a hole a little deeper than the roots of your plants, place your plant babies in soil, then fill the hole in with dirt around the roots and pack the dirt in! To plant seeds, draw lines in the soil with your finger and put your seeds in the grooves of the lines. Put your seeds about an inch or two apart, and then cover with dirt!Don’t forget to water your plant babies and seeds! Water is a super important ingredient to help your plants grow into beautiful delicious veggies

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