The best soil for growing plants has many nutrients and can hold plenty of water. Use dark, loose soil to start your garden. If you don't have any, ask an adult to take you to your local nursery or garden store where you can buy some.

You might also want some compost or fertilizer to help keep your plants happy. These are types of plant food. Did you know you need to feed your plants? Now you do! You can also use the instructions on page 28-29 to make your own compost to keep your plants healthy (and reduce waste!).

 If you are planting directly into the ground, make sure you remove any rocks and weeds from your area before you get started. Loosen up the old soil in the ground. Add your new soil and fertilizer to make sure the area is soft and full of nutrients for your new plants!

 If you are planting your seeds in pots, make sure you have pots with drainage holes. Place a layer of rocks in the bottom. Add your new soil and fertilizer, filling to about one inch below the top of the pot to make sure there is enough room for watering.

Tools you might need!

You may not have all the supplies you need to set up your garden just yet. Here's a quick list in case you're new to gardening.

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  • Adding nutrients to your garden is easier than you think! To conveniently add food for your plants, take a banana, cut into slices, and place them directly into your soil!

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