Throwing in the Trowel?

A really interesting Wall Street Journal article was published today (you can see it HERE). It recognizes the fact that many people started off quarantine with great intentions of growing their own food, baking their own bread, cutting their own hair... But it wasn't as easy as they had hoped. Veggies never grew. Bread never came out of the oven. Our hairstyles took us back to the 70's!

Why is that? Speaking from my own personal experience, it's because life gets in the way.

One of the main reasons I wanted to start Leaf'd Box was actually selfish-- I needed it! 



I had been working for a family seed company and it was great! I got to see all types of herbs and veggie varieties, while helping farmers all over the world become more productive with naturally bred seeds. 

But... I walked out of my front door one day and noticed that those beautiful planter boxes I put in the year before were completely empty! How sad is it that I have loads of seeds a few steps from my desk, and the planter boxes that were made for those seeds had nothing in them!

I realized that life had gotten in the way. Between having a newborn baby, a three year old boy (read ENERGY!), working to pay the bills, and helping parents who were going through some major medical issues-- life had just gotten in the way. 

I think it's the same thing that happened to a lot of people. Growing your own veggies isn't that complicated. But it isn't that easy either. There's a hump you need to push through to get it going, and that initial inertia is what can stop a lot of us (myself included!). We made Leaf'd to make that hump as small as possible...



B.L. (before Leaf'd) I had to remember what to plant, when to plant it, and what to do when tricky things came up. That takes a fair bit of brain power!

- There's a summer squash plant they're selling at my home garden store, but it's not summer. Can I still grow that? 

- How much should I be watering? 

- What's that?

- How do I know when I should be picking? 

- What do I do next? 

These issues, and many more, create a barrier that stop people from breaking through the amazing gift of having your own food growing at your doorstep. It stops them from the joy of seeing life flourish in their gardens. It stops them from enjoying the fruit of their labor (literally!). And that's why we created Leaf'd Box.



We wanted to take as much of the tricky stuff as we could out of the equation and give you the help along the way that empowers you to have a successful garden.

By creating a custom garden plan for the space you have and the climate you're in, we tailor the plants were sending you so all you have to do put them in the ground and help them grow. We then follow up with the right tips, at the right times, to help your garden be a success. We're always available with any questions you might have.  

We're leading the anti-trowel tossing movement-- helping defeated gardeners everywhere by providing the joy of gardening with the plants, tools, and tips you need for success.

We hope you've been loving your garden, and if you haven't yet experienced the Leaf'd revolution, we're here to help turn defeat into delicious homegrown success...