Keeping Plants Alive in the Heat

The Summer heat is no joke when it comes to gardening.

Keeping plants alive during extreme temperatures or heat waves can be a daunting task, but definitely is not impossible. Plants this time of year have the tendency to “sunburn” and be under watered. There are a few methods you can use it to protect your plants and promote healthy growth in this hot season. 

1. Water in the morning. When you water your plants early in the morning you are allowing the plants to absorb the water without the extreme heat evaporating the moisture from the soil in the peak of the day. If you think your plants need a second watering, don’t be afraid to do so. Everyone’s garden is different, and if you are worried about if your plants might need more water we recommend THIS METER. 

2. Mulch. Putting mulch in your garden is always a good idea if you haven’t already. Mulch can help protect your plants by promoting more water retention and helps prevent the heat from evaporating the water in your soil. It moderates soil temperature and overall looks great!

“What kind of mulch should I get?”

We recommend using a natural mulch that can decompose and add nutrients to your soil. Stone, rubber, or shells can be used as a mulch. However, since they do not break down easily we suggest leaves, straw, or grass clippings. 

1. Let tall plants shade smaller plants if available. If you have plants from your Spring box planted that are taller than your new plantlings, it can be beneficial to plant them near each other for partial shade of the young plants.

2. Shade cloth. Using a shade cloth allows your plants to still receive sunlight without the harshness of the full sunlight. We suggest using a cloth that allows for partial shade and partial sunlight for your plants in the case of a heat wave.

3. Stay cool. Remember that gardening in the heat not only affects the plant babies, but also plant parents! Drinking lots of water and wearing SPF is very important when gardening in the hot sun, and staying healthy is a priority! 


“How much should I water?”

The weather in your area will affect the way you water your garden. Typically, your plants need 1 inch of water per week. This can be from rain or from your watering routine.

For dry climates or if you are experiencing a heat wave, it is important to water your garden more often. If you live in a dry climate, 2 inches of water per week is recommended.

Hot weather requires more watering. For every 10 degrees above 60 degrees Fahrenheit, your garden needs 1/2 inch more water weekly. If the weekly average temperature in your area was 90 degrees, you would need to water 1.5 more inches. This would be 2.5 inches total for the week. You can meaure the inches of water your garden is getting my using a RAIN GAUGE.