What we've been working on- April 2020

Thanks to all your support, we had an amazing launch! We quickly sold and shipped all the spring boxes that we pre-grew for launch. Ever since, we've been busy working to make Leaf'd Box better and better! Here's a highlight on what's just around the corner:

  • Flexible Payment Options- We started offering our annual garden plan by offering a monthly payment schedule. Our whole goal is to make it as easy, fun, and convenient as possible for people grow their own food at home. We figured it would make budgeting and paying for a veggie garden as easy as it gets by having monthly payments. While we've had great feedback on this, we've also had some requests for seasonal or annual payments, which we've been busy working away to develop with our IT partners. We're hoping to have the option to pay monthly, the month the box ships, or annually with a discount here shortly. Stay tuned!
  • Referral Program- We've loved seeing people liking our concept and sharing it with their friends! Of the people who received spring boxes, over 90% said that they'd already recommended us to a friend! That's great and we love that! We've been wanting to reward people for their support, so we've been working at developing a platform where you can get credit for friends who you refer who sign up with us. Stay tuned for more details! 
  • Signup Package- One of the hardest things with gardening is that it takes time... We're so used to ordering something on Amazon and getting it in a day or two (at least that was the case up until last month...). But that's not how it works with plants. Our plants are in their prime for about 1-2 weeks. That means we can't grow a load of plants and keep them in a warehouse, ready to ship to new customers the next day. Even if we could do that, we wouldn't want to because we need to make sure that our new customers are planting at the right times so that their gardens flow from one season to the next. We've seen this be an issue since when people sign up for something, they expect to get something (right away). To help with this, we've been working on developing a signup package that we can send out right after someone signs up. It will contain a short guide on how to get their garden ready and some fast growing seed that they can use to test out their space and get something growing right away while they're waiting for their first box. We're still a few months out on this and we're not sure how to factor this into the subscription (what would we do if someone signs up, gets the package, then cancels two weeks later? Would we refund them the full amount paid since they didn't receive the first box yet? Let us know if you have any thoughts). We're hoping to have a signup package ready after the summer box ships. 
  • Spring & Summer Trials- Making sure you get the best varieties isn't easy! Over the past decade, our team has trialed over 5000 different varieties. That's right-- that's 5000 different types of herbs and veggies! We work with breeders who develop new varieties through natural selection (no GMO's here!). It's then our job to test those new selections to see how well they perform. We select only a tiny fraction of the new materials-- the ones that are truly amazing. These are the plants you're getting! Each season is a new trial. Just this week, our team planted over 100 new and different tomato varieties to see how we can make the tomatoes in your veggie garden more productive and delicious. New varieties are always around the corner, and we've been working hard to make sure you receive only the best!

We're always striving to grow and improve. What would you recommend? We're on a mission to help people have their #EasiestGardenEver, and we'd love to hear your thoughts on how we can do that better! Please email us at info@leafdbox.com with any thoughts or tips you have. 

Thank you again for your early support! We're been working hard to redefine how gardening is done, and we're so glad you're a part of it!