Small Veggie Garden

We love our small veggie selection for the Summer Box! These varieties are diverse for all different types of recipes. From salads, roasted veggies, or delicious salsa, these plants will provide you with great additions to your kitchen. We have never- before - sent plants for the 2023 Summer and can't wait to see you harvest them! These plant types thrive in the sun, and can last for a whole growing season with proper maintenance.

The Plants



Plant to Harvest: 30-60 days
Space Needed: 16-24 inches

Helpful tip:

This lettuce can be harvested as it grows. Remember to not harvest more than ⅓ of the plant at a time to avoid shock. Planting it deeper into the soil will give it more support and keep it healthy as it starts off.

Red Noodle Bean

Yard Long

Plant to Harvest: 35-70 days
Space Needed: 12-16 inches

Helpful tip:

Red Noodle Yard Long Beans are brand new to Leaf’d boxes! These beans can grow up to 22” long, and are beautiful in deep red color. These beans are popular in Chinese cuisine, and have a subtle nutty flavor. Use them like you would use green beans in cooking. Harvest when they are 12” long for best flavor, and grow on a trellis since it is a vine.

Mini Pumkin

Kandy Korn Plus

Plant to harvest: 55-70 days
Space Needed: 24-36

Helpful tip:

This pumpkin plant is perfect for a smaller space. Each plant can produce up to 12 small pumpkins that are about 3”x3”! Growing them in the Summer will allow them to be ready for Fall decorations. Plant these next to your beans, corn, or trellised vegetables.

Sugar Snap Pea

Sugar Daddy

Plant to Harvest: 20-30 days
Space Needed: 12-16 inches

Helpful tip:

Place mulch at the base of the snap peas to keep the roots moist. Pick the peas when the pods are swollen, taste to see if they are sweet. If they are sweet, it’s time to harvest! If not, keep them on the vine for another week and check again.


Toma Verde

Plant to harvest: 40-60 days
Space Needed: 24-36 inches

Helpful tip:

Tomatillos are a new plant for our subscription boxes! They essentially grow just like tomatoes, they’re just spicier! Trellis your plant so that it grows upward and strong. Harvest when fruit is still firm, bright green, and filling the husk. Pick weekly.



Plant to harvest: 50-65 days
Space Needed: 24-36 inches

Helpful tip:

These saladette tomatoes will grow to be a pear or oval shape. These tomatoes are great for canning, sauces, and salsa. When picking tomatoes, wait until they are red for the fruits to reach their maximum sweetness. If you see sunspots on your ripe tomatoes or cracking, pick them immediately. Trellis your tomatoes once they reach 6-8 inches of height to support the weight of the fruit on the branches.

Sweet Bell Pepper

Plant to harvest: 40-60 days
Space it needs: 16-24 inches

Helpful tip:

Staking your bell pepper plants is a good option to give it the support it needs. Bell peppers do best in full sun and warm weather. These plants will need a deep watering– one to two inches per week. Aphids and flea beetles love bell peppers, so be sure to check for pests often. Like jalapenos, use a sharp knife or shears to harvest the pepper to avoid damaging the plant.

Green Zucchini

Plant to harvest: 40-55 days
Space it needs: 16-24 inches

Helpful tip:

Green Zucchini needs to be planted in full sun with well draining soil. Water your zucchini deep, and add mulch to keep moisture in the soil. Harvest your zucchini when they reach 6-8" in length for the best flavor.

Helpful Tips & Fun Recipes