How to Overcome Gardening Hurdles

Do you want to start your own amazing garden, but there are questions, unknowns, or other barriers keep you from taking the plunge?! 

At Leaf’d Box, we understand that there are lots of things that could keep you from enjoying homegrown deliciousness in your own backyard--that’s why we’re here to help! There’s lots of reasons to say “no” to a new hobby, but Leaf’d Box wants to make it easier than ever to say “YES!” That’s why we send the plants straight to your door!

There is SO much good that comes from growing your own garden! Not only do you get to grow your own delicious food, but you get to invite your friends and family to enjoy the fruits of your labor! Use your garden to bring people together! Invite your kids to help you pick ripe veggies, or pull weeds, and when your garden is at its peak, invite friends over to sample all of your homegrown deliciousness!

We know, we know. You might be thinking “But I don’t have the time! I have kids to chase, dogs to walk, a house to clean, PLUS a full time job!”

We hear you! And you don’t have to be a superhero to enjoy the #EasiestGardenEver! 

Gardening doesn’t have to be another chore, in fact, it shouldn’t be! With gardening, you have the chance to take yourself out of your normal rhythm and do something that’s for YOU. Take 10-15 minutes a day to pull weeds, or pick veggies and give your mind a break from everything else you might be thinking about! Plus, plants only need three things: water, sun, and food. Lucky for you, the sun shines without you needing to do anything! (BOOM! You’re already acing this!) And plant food isn’t hard to come by--it’s found in the soil you’ve planted your veggies in, or you can feed your plants by tossing your garden kitchen scraps that might have gone bad in your fridge! (win win!) And watering can be done at any time of day and only takes a few minutes! Use the time as your moment to grab a breath of fresh air before going on to the next thing you have to tackle!

Maybe time isn’t your issue! You might be thinking, “I don’t have a yard! I live in a tiny apartment, and I just don’t have the space for a huge garden!”

We totally get apartment living. You can’t exactly have a 8ftx4ft garden bed on a balcony, but lucky for you a lot of the plants we send can be grown in pots! All you need is an area in your apartment that gets sunlight for about half the day, and a space where you can keep your pots! 

For example, in the small veggie fall and winter box, the lettuce, kale and peas can all have their own separate small pot OR you can double up in a medium sized pot. The medium size plants (like the cabbage and cauliflower) can have their own medium size pot and the large plant (artichoke) can have their own large pot. This adds up to either a total number of 10 pots, or you can reduce the number of pots by doubling up some of your plants into the same pot!

(If this sounds like a potential barrier keeping you from gardening STAY TUNED because we’re creating a blog post all about how to create a flourishing garden in pots!)

Lastly, you might be thinking, “I have the time, and space is no problem, but I don’t know if Leaf’d Box fits in my budget!”

We hear you, and we want to make gardening accessible to EVERYONE! That’s why we encourage Leaf’d Box users to reuse their gardening boxes, areas, and pots each season! You can also reuse the soil (just make sure you’re adding any depleted nutrients through some great plant food or compost).

This is also why we offer an easy payment plan! We know that each family has their own budget to follow, so we break up payments over three months so that your Leaf’d Box can fit in your budget and you can pay over time!

Here’s the cost breakdown for our each of our Leaf’d Box subscriptions: 

  • Herb Box: $14.99/month for 3 months = $45 total for the box. You get 10 plants so it’s $4.50 per plant. (including shipping!)
  • Small Veggie Box: $14.99/month for 3 months = $45 total for the box. You get 10 plants so it’s $4.50 per plant. (including shipping!)
  • Veggie Garden Box: $29.99/month for 3 months = $90 total for the box. You get 30 plants so it’s $3 per plant. (including shipping!) 
  • Veggie Garden XL Box: $59.99/month for 3 months = $180 total for the box. You get 60 plants so it’s $3 per plant. (including shipping!) 

Our mission is for everyone to have the chance to enjoy homegrown deliciousness! Providing healthy food for your family, and creating magical garden memories should never feel like a hassle, so we at Leaf’d Box make it our goal to help you cultivate your #EasiestGardenEver (no green thumb required.)