Veggie Garden

This Season's Veggie Garden:







Lettuce - Green

Lettuce - Multicolor

Bok Choi

Brussel Sprouts


Squash - Butternut


If this is your first time gardening click HERE to view our quick-start Zine. Below you'll find info on how to setup your garden! 

When it comes to setting up your garden space, make sure you choose a location that gets lots of sun and try your best to leave anywhere from ½ to ⅓ of the garden space empty for the next box since there is a slight overlap. This will allow for you keep the plants that are still growing/you are continuing to harvest from in their place and still have space for the new plants.

The next thing we want to do is Harden our plants. Plant hardening is a way of getting our plants used to their new environment. To do this we'll open up our tray and set the plants upright. Then add about an 1/2 inch of water to the tray so our plants can soak up that water. Set you tray in a place that gets half sun and half shade throughout the day and leave them there for 1-5 days. Make sure you keep water in their tray while they harden. For more information on plant hardening, click HERE. 

Once our plants have hardened, we can get ready to plant them. Follow the spacing guide that is on the labels, that will give you an approximation of how much space you need to give each plant. Once you're ready to plant them dig a small whole for each plant about 1-2 inches deep. Place you plant in their whole and cover it up with dirt, but make sure their leaves are still sticking out of the ground. After all your plants are in their new homes, go ahead and give them some water. Make sure you're watering your plants consistently for these first few days. If plants are in a garden bed there's no limit to how much water to you can give them, so better to over water, but if they're in pots, make sure you don't over water.

If needed to you can go to your local garden supply store and pick up a water meter. This will tell you if your dirt is too dry and needs more water, it's a great tool to have especially if you're brand new to gardening.

This is all you need to get started on your gardening journey. Please reach out if you have any questions along the way, we're always happy to help!


Happy Gardening! :)