Small Veggie Garden

We love our small veggie selection for the Early Spring Box! These varieties are diverse for all different types of recipes. From salads, roasted veggies, or delicious salsa, these plants will provide you with great additions to your kitchen. These plant types thrive in the sun, and can last for a whole growing season with proper maintenance.

The Plants


Plant to Harvest:70-80 days
Space Needed: 10-12 inches

Helpful tip:

Celery naturally takes a while to grow and will not be ready before the next box arrives. Plant your celery in a location that it can grow into the Spring season. Celery likes shade and cooler temperatures. So when finding a spot for them in your garden, plant them in a spot that gets more shade than sun. Celery is about 95% water so make sure to water them thoroughly.


Plant to Harvest: 30-35 days
Space Needed: 8-12 inches

Helpful tip:

Spinach can be harvested as it grows. Baby spinach leaves can be harvested almost right away, or you can wait longer for the leaves to grow larger. Do not harvest more than ⅓ of the plant to prevent shock (unless you want to harvest the entire plant).


Plant to harvest: 50-60 days
Space Needed: 

Helpful tip:

When harvesting, look for compact bulbs. As soon as you see separation in the bulbs it's time to harvest, no matter what size the broccoli head is.

Swiss Chard

Plant to Harvest: 30-45 days
Space Needed: 6-8 inches

Helpful tip:

You can begin to harvest your greens when your chard plants are around 9-12 inches high. Cut the outer leaves first to allow the tender inner leaves to grow. Once you’ve completely harvested a chard plant, go ahead and pull it up and toss the root into your compost.


Plant to harvest: 60-70 days
Space Needed: 8-10 inches

Helpful tip:

Endives require direct sunlight and need plenty of water. Adding mulch around the base of the plant will help keep their roots moist.


Plant to harvest: 40-50 days
Space it needs: 24-36 inches

Helpful tip:

When picking tomatoes, wait until they are red for the fruits to reach their maximum sweetness. If you see sunspots on your ripe tomatoes or cracking, pick them immediately. Trellis your tomatoes once they reach 6-8 inches of height to support the weight of the fruit on the branches.


Plant to Harvest: 35-40 days
Space Needed: 6-8 inches

Helpful tip: 

Arugula grows quickly and adds a slight peppery taste to any sandwich or salad. It can be harvested as it grows. Do not harvest more than ⅓ of the plant to prevent shock (unless you want to harvest the entire plant). This plant needs plenty of sun and water.

Bunching Onion

Plant to Harvest: 30-40 days
Space Needed: 1-2 inches

Helpful tip:

Bunching onions will be ready to harvest when plants reach 6-8" tall, while the stalks are still white at the bottom and fairly thin. You can cook the stalks and the bulbs in recipes.

Rainbow Beets

Seed to Harvest: 60 Days
Space Needed: 2-5 inches

Helpful Tip:

Once the plants are a few weeks old, thin them to 3 inches apart by pinching off the tops and enjoying the leaves in your salad mix.

Helpful Tips & Fun Recipes