Herb Garden

This Season's Herbs:






If this is your first time gardening click HERE to view our quick-start Zine. Below you'll find details that relate specifically to the herb box. 

Our herb box is very versatile! These varieties can be grown either indoors or outdoors or a little of both! We like to add herbs that are commonly used in the kitchen, like thyme, parsley and oregano.

They can be put in a garden bed with your veggies or in individual pots. Get creative! The herbs stay relatively small as they mature so you can place them in a small pot or reuse a soup can and use them as décor in your kitchen!

The next thing we want to do is harden our plants. Plant hardening is a way of getting our plants used to their new environment. To do this we'll open up our tray and set the plants upright. Then add about an 1/2 inch of water to the tray so our plants can soak up that water. Set you tray in a place that gets half sun and half shade throughout the day and leave them there for 1-5 days. Make sure you keep water in their tray while they harden. For more information on plant hardening, click HERE. 

Once our plants have hardened, we can get ready to plant them. 

The herbs all need about 4-12 inches of spacing. So as long as they are all 4 inches apart from each other they should be fine! If you decide to grow in a pot, we recommend 1 plant in a small pot, and up to 2-3 plants in a large pot if they have that 4 inches of space! 


Happy Gardening! :)