What's in Your Leaf'd Box?

The right varieties, at the right time of the year 
Perfectly delivered with easy instructions


Examples of the types of plants sent in our Veggie Box:


There are two types of cauliflower-- one for the heat and one for the cool. We'll send the right ones to you during the right seasons.


A fresh, delicious, crunchy cucumber is a great thing to snack on. These grow great in the heat, so we'll deliver them for the summer season.


Jalapeno, Habanero, Bell Peppers, specialty peppers anyone? These are fun and tasty. We'll send the right types for the right seasons.


Tomatoes are amazing! They produce lots of delicious fruit in all shapes and sizes. We'll send you a variety so you can always enjoy them.


Fresh crispy lettuce is great! But the right types need to be grown at the right time. We'll take care of sorting that out so you'll always have some!

One to One
Your Subscription Provides Clean Water
for a Year to Someone in Need