Shipping Information

At Leaf'd Box, we work hard to develop the absolute best plan for your vegetable garden. There are tons of details that go into getting you your Easiest Garden Ever-- from the types of plants to be planted, the time of year, how long it will take to get to you, and a host of other data points to help your garden be successful. 

Once you subscribe, we'll get your plantlings growing right away to ensure they'll deliver at the perfect time at the start of the upcoming season. 

Generally, shipping will occur for the Early Spring, Spring, Summer, and Fall seasons. The actual ship date will vary based off of your location. You will be notified via email when your order is ready to ship. 

If you would like more detailed information regarding when your order will ship, please email us at or submit a request on the Contact Us page of our website.

We select a shipping method to ensure that your plants can deliver within two days, no matter where you are in the United States. 

It is very important that you plant right away once you receive your box. You'll email reminders to do this, but please aim to plant within 24 hours of receiving your Leaf'd Box. Planting the evening that you receive your plantlings once the temperature has started to cool off is great! If not, the next morning works well too. 

But you remember-- you just received a box full of plant babies. Just like you wouldn't leave your cat or dog in their carrier very long, so you shouldn't leave your plant babies in their box very long either. The faster you can get them planted and watered, the better!

From there, follow the Zine's instructions that accompanies your shipment to get your Best Garden Ever!