Plants are typically divided into two categories: annual and perennial plants. There is a mix of annual and perennial herbs in this kit, which will determine the lifespan of your plants.

Annual & Perennial

  • Annual plants: When you are growing an annual plant, this plant will grow throughout its appropriate season(s) (Fall, Overwinter, Spring, Summer) and then die after producing seed. This happens after it has flowered and spreads seeds to grow later. There are two herb types in your garden that are annual plants: basil and parsley. This means that once the parsley and basil have grown through their lifecycle, they will die and will need to be regrown in the new season.
  • Perennial plants: Growing perennial plants gives you the opportunity to enjoy the plant for many seasons and even years! If the herb is properly taken care of, it will grow, flower, and continue to produce new vegetation. The herbs in your seed kit that are perennials are: mint, thyme, oregano, and (mostly) sage. Sage is a perennial herb depending on your growing zone. If you are growing in zones 5-8, your sage will be perennial. Perennial plants are typically hardy plants that can withstand various temperatures. Just remember to continue to prune your plants to keep them producing for seasons to come!

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