Week 6, Lesson 2 

Take some time to admire your garden and how far you’ve come since week one! You’ve put a lot of work into making your garden beautiful. You’ve pulled weeds, watched for pests, and watered your plant babies--great job! There might have been days where you didn’t want to be in your garden, but you did it anyway and that is something to celebrate.It's time to harvest your radishes-- how exciting! The roots of a radish should be about an inch wide. If they look like they’re the right size, your radishes are ready to be harvested.

Now let’s make something yummy with your homegrown radishes! Did you know that radishes will grow the fastest out of all of your plants and seeds? In fact, their genus name is “Raphanus” which is Greek for “quickly appearing.”


  • By week 6, you might be seeing your yellow zucchini squash starting to grow. If you have a squash growing, let's make some art by carving into it! Make sure you have a parent or teacher help you on this activity. All you need to do is find your favorite squash and use a butter knife (but be careful!) to carve your name into the skin of your squash. Do not cut into the flesh of the squash, but just carve the skin (more of a scrape on the surface). Also be careful not to pick your squash yet! By doing this, your squash will continue to grow and your art on your zucchini will grow bigger with it!

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