Week 5, Lesson 2 

Let’s get up close and personal with our plants and make sure they’re growing strong and healthy! If you look at your plants, you can tell if they’re feeling strong and healthy or sick and unhealthy. If the leaves of your plants aren’t very vibrant or look limp, your plant might not be feeling its best.


  • If you see any dead or dying leaves, or any leaves that you notice have been eaten by pests, pick them off your plants! Getting rid of unhealthy leaves keeps your plants growing strong and healthy! Be sure to be gentle when picking off any dead leaves--we don’t want to hurt the plantlings.

    Check to see if your plants are being eaten by any small pests or large pests. If you see little insects on the leaves or bite marks, that means some other critters are eating your plants! When pests eat too much of our delicious plants, our plants can start to become unhealthy. Be sure to get rid of any unhealthy leaves to help keep the rest of the plant in tip top shape, and to prevent any disease from spreading by using the insecticidal soap spray we made earlier.

    If you’d like to use some pest control products, HERE are some we’ve seen work well. Now let's dive in and keep our plants healthy!
Pest Control

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