Welcome to your Veggie Gardening Education Kit! Bendon® and Leaf'd Box® have proudly partnered to bring this garden kit to your home because we want every person—and kid!—to have the knowledge, tools, and confidence to cultivate a homegrown garden. Over the next few months, you and your child will learn how to grow, garden, and cook delicious veggies for your family and community. From planting seeds to harvesting veggies and everything in between, this kit's got you covered! We'll provide all the practical information your child needs to learn about growing the included radishes and green beans, plus fun learning activities and recipes, so your family can explore and enjoy every stage of growth in your new garden. Gardening is a journey, and we are excited to encourage little learners to grow veggies, green thumbs, and healthy habits all at the same time. Are you ready to start your child's first and #EasiestGardenEver? Let's grow!

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