KCLU Radio, the home of NPR for the California Coast, interviews Leaf'd Box

Hey there! Have you heard? Leaf’d Box was recently featured in an interview on KCLU, home of NPR for the California Coast! 

Robert chatted with KCLU’s very own Caroline Feraday all about Leaf’d Box’s mission to bring the #EasiestGardenEver to any backyard (no green thumb required!)

We know that lots of people would love to grow their own garden, but it can feel intimidating to start (let’s face it, lots of us have trouble keeping a succulent alive!) Most of us have all of the excitement and enthusiasm, but don’t have the technical know-how. Can I grow lettuce here? When do I start my garden? What-- I can grow a garden all year long? We want the fun and satisfaction of growing our own food, but are intimidated by...well….growing our own food!

That’s where Leaf’d Box comes in. We send you everything you need to create a beautiful, and delicious garden, plus we walk with you every step of the way--providing technical support, helpful tips, and tricks of the gardening trade! You’re never in it alone--it’s like having a 24/7 gardening buddy!

We believe that growing homegrown deliciousness is possible for anyone, and in a time where the world feels fragile and unpredictable, you can trust that Leaf’d Box will give you all the tools you need to grow healthy and delicious food that your whole family will love. For those of us without green thumbs, we’re delivering a pair of “green gloves” so you can have all the benefits of a green thumb, without having to go to school for it!

And those benefits of Leaf’d Box go way beyond harvesting yummy veggies. With the Leaf’d Box Plant Kit, you and your family are encouraged to go back to your roots and create magical garden memories together! When was the last time you pushed pause on the busyness of life and played in some dirt?! Have you ever experienced the wonder of watching a tomato grow right before your eyes?! With Leaf’d Box, all the magic of gardening becomes a reality right in your own backyard. 

Want to listen to the entire interview? Click HERE!