Gabriel's House and Leaf'd Box Come Together!

This week Leaf'd Box was able to come together with Gabriel's House, a women's safe haven and recovery home in Ventura County. Gabriel's House has a gorgeous garden area that was itching for some plants, and that's where Leaf'd came in! 

We offer any extra plants we have from our shipments to community gardens, and Gabriel's House was one of those that welcomed us into their space to make some garden magic.

Gardening is a hobby that takes you outside into the fresh air and for a moment, you can forget about the craziness of life and tend to some plant babies! That is why we were so happy to work with the wonderful women at the recovery home. 

The Leaf’d team who went to make the garden magic happen included Tina, who has helped many of you with your gardening questions; Robert, the creator of Leaf'd Box; and Chris, who is always behind the camera taking the beautiful photos you see! 

We planted some plants back in the fall/winter season so this time around we taught the residents how to tell when something is done—or not quite done!—growing, and how to pull out what was finished being harvested. 

We were able to harvest some HUGE beets that were planted there months ago. They got a little lost in the garden jungle at Gabriel's House and seeing the excitement on the women’s faces as they pulled out the ginormous beets was beautiful! We left some of the kale there since the women of Gabriel’s House were big fans of it and it was still growing strong.

By pulling out what was done growing we were able to make room for all the spring goodies! In the herb area, we planted bunching onions, sage, thyme, oregano, and lemon balm with the help of some amazing high schoolers from local Camarillo High that volunteer at Gabriel's House. 

In another box, which we called "the salad box", we planted more leafy greens. There was already the kale and red lettuce from last season, and we added three rows of spinach, plus radicchio, endive, and mustard greens! 

We also added some celery and broccoli to the same box as the artichokes, still growing from last season, and we PACKED the final box with tomatoes.

It was so much fun teaching the women of Gabriel’s House about gardening and seeing their excitement and interest grow each minute. This is what Leaf'd Box is all about—creating community and sharing beautiful moments in the garden. 

To learn more about the amazing things Gabriel's House is doing and/or to donate click HERE