When preparing the area for your radish, make sure they receive full light throughout the day. 

In the video, we mention making little rows to put your seeds. Think of it like the rows you see in large scale agriculture. They make the little groves 1/2-1 inch deep, sprinkle the seeds and you'll have a little area for them. You can also just make little holes 1/2 deep spaced 1 inche away from each other! If you do sprinkle the seeds, you'll see their little tops growing close to each other. When they get to be able 2/3 weeks old, pull out the tops so there's about 3 inches from each radish (this is what we call thinning) so they have enough space around them underground to grow nice and big! If we don't thin them, they won't grow to be very big, some may not grow at all! 

The radish will be ready for harvest in about 30 days. When you see the top of the radish begin to peek out from the soil, you can pick to see how big they are!