Mixed Greens

When preparing your space for your mixed greens, they can be in an area they has partial sun throughout the day and shade for the other part of the day. 

This mixed green mix is just as it sounds. We gathered different loose leaf lettuce seed, arugula and spinach. The best mix for a quick salad! Planting this in a pot or  long window sill pot is a great idea! 

You can be as lax as you'd like for this mix. Sprinkle it in a designated area and watch your usual store bought salad mix come to life before your eyes! We do recommend thinning the mixed greens as well. It'll allow for each seeds to have adequate space to grow to its full potential. To do this, when the leafs are about 2 inches tall thin out the plants so they are about 2-4 inches apart. Some of the leafy greens will grow faster than others, which is why we put the Days to Maturity at 35-75 days!