Every garden has different needs! Some gardeners will have small pests more commonly than big pests. Whatever you have, here are some helpful tips to manage both to optimize the health of your plants.

Small Pests

  • Aphids and whiteflies multiply quickly. Use neem oil or a homemade insecticidal soap mixture to spray onto your plants to kill off the eggs and insects. You will know when aphids are dead because their bodies will turn from a green color to red.

Neem Oil

A great all in one spray to protect your plants from little pests.


  • Supplies needed
    -liquid dish soap
    -spray bottle
  • Instructions:
    Combine 3 teaspoons of liquid dish soap with 1 quart of water into a spray bottle. Spray directly onto affected areas to kill insects or wipe on leaves for more prevention. Use as necessary.

Large Pests

  • Fencing surrounding your garden is an effective way to keep large pests out of your garden. Short mesh fencing will help deter animals like rabbits from getting into your garden, and taller fencing will help keep larger pests like deer out of your garden. Using garden netting over the top of your garden will also help manage birds from eating your plants.

Garden Netting

Keep large pests out and away from your veggies.