How do you want to grow your garden? You can plant in the ground, raised beds, and even pots! All are great options depending on the amount of space you have in your yard. If you are planting in the ground or using raised garden beds, you may want to lay down chicken wire before your soil to prevent large pests from digging underneath your garden.

Set up your garden!

  • First: Scope out an area where you think your plants will have the most sun throughout the day.
  • Second: Decide how you want to grow your plants. Garden beds, pots, or directly in the ground are all great options for your seeds.
  • Third: Make sure you have access to a water source. You can use a watering can, hose, or drip system. This will make everyday watering less of a hassle and will be a great reminder for you.

Tools you might need!

You may not have all the supplies you need to set up your garden just yet. Here's a quick list in case you're new to gardening.

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Prep your soil

  • For new gardens, use loamy soil that has good water retention. You can purchase an organic fertilizer to add into your soil for extra nutrients, or you can add in nutrients yourself! Cutting a banana into small pieces and adding it into your soil is a fun activity to give your plants an extra boost. If you have a compost pile already, add your compost mixture into your soil!
  • For planting in an older garden, clear out debris from your previous growing season. Till and rotate your soil to break up the compacted dirt. Add compost and fertilizer to your soil to promote the health of your plants.

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