Pests are a natural part of gardening. Remember to not be discouraged if you find pests on you plants! This happens to even the most experienced gardeners since pests are a part of your garden’s ecosystem. It is important to manage pests in your garden to keep the health of your plants and vegetables.

Types of Pests!

  • Small pests:
    Common small pests in your garden might be aphids, caterpillars, whiteflies, and diamondback moths. These insects can take over your plants slowly, but hurt your garden if they aren’t managed properly. To look for small pests, check for eggs, bite marks, holes in your leaves, or insects crawling on your plants. These insects will weaken your plants and steal the nutrients your plant needs to grow strong.
  • Large pests:
    These pests can devour your plants overnight. These pests include rabbits, squirrels, mice, or gophers. If you have large pests, you will notice leaves or plants missing from your garden.

Hope you enjoyed learning about pests. Continue on to the next lesson to learn how to protect your plants.
Happy gardening :)

Plant Protection

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