Leaf'd Box Education Kit

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Introducing the Leaf'd Education Kit-- the first of it's kind! We've taken all we know about gardening, plants, and cooking and baked one amazing box that will help take your family from planting, to pasta sauce! 

We've grown specifically developed plants that grow SUPER FAST and will go from your box to full grown meals over the course of just 8 weeks. And best of all, we've developed a custom curriculum with two lessons each week that will help your family learn all about plants, how to grow them, and how to use them. 

From activities such as making homemade fertilizer for plant food, to learning about different plant types and parts, to learning how and when to pick the fruit and what to do with them, you're in for one grand adventure! 

By the end of the eight weeks, you will have grown over eight types of plants and gone through some amazing recipes to use them-- all family friendly of course! With your kit, you'll get 10 live veggie plants, a root veggie seed kit, a curriculum book with two weekly activities with journaling, and short video lessons that accompany it all (something the kids will love to see!). 

Since veggies grow best in the spring and summer, please pick the month you'd like to start your project, and leave the rest to us! 

We love bringing families closer together by sharing wonderful experiences outside-- seeing and tasting the joy of mother nature while learning to care for the environment and appreciating the beauty in it. We hope you love your journey as you see the life flouring from your own back yard!