Herb Garden Seasonal Subscription (Billed Monthly)
Herb Garden Seasonal Subscription (Billed Monthly)
Herb Garden Seasonal Subscription (Billed Monthly)
Herb Garden Seasonal Subscription (Billed Monthly)
Herb Garden Seasonal Subscription (Billed Monthly)
Herb Garden Seasonal Subscription (Billed Monthly)
Herb Garden Seasonal Subscription (Billed Monthly)

Herb Garden Seasonal Subscription (Billed Monthly)

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Details: We'll deliver four boxes a year on a delivery schedule custom made to where you live. No more worrying, trying to remember when you should plant. You'll have the right types of herbs, with the best varieties for your area, delivered when you need them, so all you have to do is enjoy gardening and eating fresh! 

Gardening has never been so easy and fun! Order now to get this upcoming seasons' box and start eating truly local!

Number of Plants: 10 Per Shipment, 4 Seasonal Shipments per Year

Space Needed: Made for a small area around the size of a twin mattress (20 square feet or less). Planting in pots, planters, raised beds, or the ground itself all works for this versatile box. 


  • Year round support designed to make it easy, including updates to keep you informed and email support for any questions you might have. 
  • Selection of ClimateSmart™️ herb varieties including cilantro, basil, dill, thyme, parsley, etc. All selected to work well in your climate and the time of year. 
  • For indoor or outdoor use. Fits nicely in window gardens, pots, or a small (up to 4x6') planter box. 
  • Easy Growing Guide to help you get started right
  • Just $4.50/ Plant. Each plant can produce up to $30 worth of produce!

    Free Shipping: Free 1-2 day shipping to keep your plants fresh.

    Grown in: California

    Shipment Schedule:

    • Early Spring Box- Ships February with types like parsley and thyme
    • Spring Box- Ships April with types such as dill and cilantro
    • Summer box- Ships June with types such as basil and chives 
    • Fall/ Overwinter Box- Ships September with types such as oregano and peppermint

    Our subscriptions are currently only available for California customers: We're working to add states one by one as the state agricultural authorities allow. Please CLICK HERE to sign up for our contact list so we can let you know as soon as we can ship to you. 

    Billing: We've developed an amazing annual plan for your garden. The annual plan includes four boxes sent per year (every three months) plus the tips and help we provide all year long. We spread the cost of these four boxes over a monthly billing plan. What that means is that the price of each box is three times the monthly charge. You are free to cancel your subscription at any time, at which point any amount prepaid in the immediate 1 to 3 months for boxes not yet shipped will be refunded or any amount due for boxes shipped but not yet fully paid for will be charged to you. You acknowledge and agree to these charges and terms and agree not to dispute any such charges.  In the event of any expiration or charge to the credit card we have on file for your account, it is your responsibility to provide updated information for a valid credit card prior to any recurring charges being automatically made, and you agree to pay any bank charges incurred by Leaf’d Box in connection with your account.

    Have other questions? See our FAQ page by clicking HERE.

    We believe that growing a herb garden should't be scary, it should be easy and fun.  So we're on a mission to help you have your easiest garden ever! We grow you the freshest herb plants, and deliver them at the perfect times each season so you can enjoy delicious homegrown food all year long!


    Your Customized
    Plant Delivery Program

    With our custom planting programs, you’ll always have delicious produce at your fingertips, fresh from your garden to your table.

    Custom Grown
    Herb Plants for
    Every Season

    Garden Care Made Easy

    Whether you’ve ever had a gardening thumb or not, you’ll instantly be a pro with our easy-to-follow zine, gifting you with the perfect amount of information to plant and nurture your garden successfully! 

    Seasonal Shipments
    Right to Your Door

    Early Spring, Spring, Summer & Fall 

    Priceless Meal 

    Produces up to $300 worth of herbs.

    Past Box

    1. Dill
    2. Thyme
    3. Parsley
    4. Cilantro

    One to One
    Your Subscription Provides Clean Water
    for a Year to Someone in Need


    • Am I free to cancel anytime?

      We never want to part ways, but should you need to “take a gardening break,” simply head on over to your account page and click the button that says, “Cancel Subscription.” You may also click the link in your initial sign-up email that will allow you to cancel or modify your subscription at any time. Our herb-loving team is always here to support you with any subscription questions, so please visit our Contact Page to submit a question or request.

    • Why do you have 4 shipments per year?

      Because we love what we do and want to share that with you every season! You will receive four shipments per year which include early spring, spring, summer, and fall because we want you to have the freshest growing veggies of the season! We know plants thrive in different seasons, so this is our way of making sure you always have “fresh-from-the-garden goodies” to offer at your table.

    • How does the monthly billing work?

      To keep this service quick, easy, and affordable for you, we bill monthly with a minimum of a three-month subscription. Prices do vary based upon the subscription you choose. And while you’re only paying for plants, you will receive gardening tips, great service, and so much more! By supplying tips, tricks and learning tools, we shower you with all the information you need to plant the most successful garden possible! 

    • Is there support along the way?

      Well, are fresh herbs delicious? Of course! Our team is with you every step of the way. If you ever have any questions, you can reach out to us on our Contact Page, and we’ll get right back to you. We also consistently provide tips, tricks, and information whenever you need it most. Let us be your gardening support system, and we’ll help your veggies and your family thrive all year long!