Free Winter Garden Giveaway!

Hungry for fresh winter veggies?

Grow fresh herbs and vegetables this winter with a FREE Leaf’d Box Plant Kit delivered to your door* 

Enter to win 1 of 4 free winter Plant Kits packed with tasty and hearty varietals. Each Plant Kit includes:  

  • Herb Kit - Each Herb Kit has 10 herbs sprouts.
  • Winter Veggie Kits - Assorted winter veggies with 20 plants. 
  • The kit is ready to plant and grow with step by step instructions!
  • *If you happen to live where frost may occur, please note how you can plan for frost below. 

    * Please note: Contestants must be +18 years old to enter and reside in the continental United States. Residents of AK and HI are not eligible for the giveaway.  We can ship prizes in the continental United States, although a greenhouse will be necessary to keep the plants happy if you happen to live where ❄️ frost or snow❄️  may occur 🥶  See our blog post on how to protect your plants from light frost or hard freeze.