Congratulations, you did it! Gardening is a journey, and we are beyond excited to have experienced it alongside you.

Being able to share what you have grown with family and friends is one of the best parts of gardening. Enjoying harvest, cooking delicious meals, and bringing communities closer together is a passion at Leaf’d Box.

With the knowledge you have gained from this eason, preparing for your next garden will be even easier. We hope to have brought the love of gardening to your home, and we cannot wait to see communities growing nutritious vegetables!

What's Next?

  • The journey with Leaf’d Box doesn’t end here. Keep your Easiest Garden Ever ™ growing with our plant kits and subscriptions that help you with what to plant and when:

Veggie Garden


  • From every season, gardeners learn something new and exciting. Show us your gardens, harvests, tips, and recipes by tagging us on social media @leafedbox