With a combination of water, healthy soil, and sunlight, plants will want to grow- including weeds. Weeds will take up space and resources from your vegetable plants, so it is important to control  them throughout the growing season.

Some quick garden weed facts!

  • Throughout the season, regularly pull weeds that you see in the soil of your garden. It’s important to make sure you are pulling weeds and not your actual vegetable plants! Your vegetable plants will be in a uniform row where you put your labels. If there are sprouts that do not look like your other vegetable plants and are staggered in an area you did not plant seeds, it most likely is a weed you can pull
  • Common weeds you might find in your garden include crabgrass, thistle, dandelion, and garlic mustard plants. We do not recommend using a strong weed killer inside your garden as it can harm your other plants. For safe and effective control, simply pull weeds that sprout.

Hope you enjoyed learning about garden weeds. We'll see you in the next lesson. Happy gardening :)

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