Trellising your garden is a great way to help your plants grow, organize your garden, and promote plant health! Plants in your kit that can be trellised are cucumber, squash, and tomatoes.

How to Trellis

  • Tomatoes need a structure to climb onto to hold the weight of their fruit while continuing to grow. We recommend introducing a galvanized steel round wire trellis to your tomato plants when it reaches 6 inches high. To install, simply press the stems of the wire trellis into the soil surrounding the tomato plant and move the branches to rest on the wire. You may need to attach the stem to the trellis for stabilization. Use twine to carefully tie the stem to the trellis if needed, be sure to not tie it too tight to enable plant growth.
  • Trellising your cucumber and squash plants will be very similar. Trellising cucumbers and squash can help promote plant health to get the leaves off the ground. This encourages good airflow and minimizes potential plant disease. 

What we recommend


Keep your veggies off the ground and save garden space.

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Hope you enjoyed learning how to trellis your plants. We'll see you in the next lesson. Happy gardening :)

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